Genuine Iron Gall Ink for Calligraphy and Drawing 50ml

Lightfast and arvchival pitch black iron gall ink
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Genuine Iron Gall Ink

This ink is document-proof, lightfast, waterproof and cannot be chemically removed from the paper. Due to these properties it is still used today for forge-proof signatures.

Iron gall ink is particularly suitable for high-quality calligraphy with brush, steel nib or quill on handmade paper, Japanese Washi or rice paper. Even when used with a glass nib, it shows pleasant and smooth flow characteristics.

From antiquity to the 19th century, iron gall ink was used almost exclusively for high-quality handwritten documents. The ink contains tannin and iron sulphate. When writing, the ink oxidises, becomes black and forms an indestructible unit with the fibres of the paper or parchment.

Are you a bad person? Then write yourself a letter of indulgence with iron gall ink and all your transgressions and sins will be forgiven.
If you are very ambitious, you can also write your own Declaration of Independence - written like the original, with iron gall ink

Properties and notes:

  • ph-value: approx.2
  • Colour: depending on the type of paper described grey-black to deep black
  • Do not use in the fountain pen, as the ink attacks the inner mechanism
  • Shake before use


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Content: 50,00 ml