PCB Photopolymer Film, Photo Resist and Etchants for graphical and technical purposes.

dry film resist photopolymer film for pcb etching liquid photo-imageable etch resist for pcb stripper for photo resists liquid and dry film

Photopolymer Film:

With a gauge of 50 micron and an excellent resolution, this photoresist is particularly suitable for photopolymer etching or photogravure in intaglio printmaking. It also serves as an acid-resistant etch resist for the production of pcbs in electronics, for refining jewellery with fine patterns and in modelmaking for chemical milling. With an extraordinary short exposure - and development time, the film provides a fast and precise nontoxic workflow.

Liqiud Photo Resist :

A one component, light-sensitive photo-imageable liquid photopolymer photo resist. Coating of the metal is carried out with a brayer, it then has to be exposed with a uv-source and a printed inkjet transparency with the artwork. As a result of the thinner coating compared to photopolymer film, the resist is capable for extremely high resolution and halftones up to 1440 dpi.

One bottle is long lasting and with some exercise easy to handle.

ferric chloride suitable for printed circuit boards and copper iron(III) chloride solution to buy


For intaglio printmaking ( aquatint, etching, photo-etching ) and also for steel, brass, copper and zinc, ferric chloride is the best choice. The iron(III) chloride solution has an almost indefinite shelf life, is capable of absorbing a high amount of metal - up to 100g/l - and does not emit toxic fumes. Higher temperatures and aeration speed up the etching process significantly ( etching tank, spray etch machine).

The advantage of sodium persulfate is its clearness, this makes it possible to monitor the process.

pine rosin colophony lumps bright yellow colophony ground dust powder

Colophony pine rosin:

Rosin aids in soldering and brazing as a flux and helps to prevent oxidation. In intaglio printmaking rosin dust is used for aquatint on the printing plate. Colophony is sold in lumps or powdered.