Iron(III)chloride | Ferric chloride

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Iron(III) chloride hexahydrate is a suitable etchant for metals and pcb production.

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Iron-(III)-chloride hexahydrate

to be solved in water. Suitable for etching copper and metals like , zinc, bronce, silver, brass and steel

Ferric Chloride due to its properties is the ideal etchant for metal and does not cause health damage if used appropriate.

Suitable for: tray, etching tank, spray etching tank


  • Purity: 99,8%

  • ferric chloride etches straight and precise

  • almost indefinitive shelf life

  • very effective - 1 liter of ferric solution is able to absorb up to 100 gram of solved metal

  • safe if used appropriate

  • no acid but a corrosive salt.

  • Formula: FeCl36H2O

  • CAS Number 10025-77-1


  • for a strong etchant mix in a ratio of 1 to 1 with water ( e.g. 1 kilogram Ferric Cloride + 1 liter water)

  • more subtle works may be etched in a thinned solution of up to 1 to 4 ( e.g. 1 kilogram Ferric Cloride + 4 liter water)

  • the ideal fast etching temperature is around 47 degree centigrade but works already at room temperature

  • stainless steel requires a warmed etching bath

  • the etchant should be in steady movement to prevent the slurry which is produced during etching to sink into the lines

Safety and disposal:

  • take the usual precautions when working with chemicals: safety glasses, safety gloves, and safety dress

  • when preparing the solution good aeration or an exhaust hood is required

  • avoid direct skin and eye contact and do not inhale fumes

  • store in plastic or glass container. Do not use any metal containers

  • used solution may not be disposed in the sewer system

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